SIFF Spotlight: Sorry to Bother You

This is a (spoiler free) capsule review for Sorry To Bother You, which screened at SIFF 2018.

Boots Riley’s debut feature film, Sorry to Bother You, is unapologetic and euphoric. Riley tells a story unlike any other. Sorry to Bother You is comedic, satirical, and eventually bonkers. The film presents the story of Cassius Green, a young man in Oakland struggling to make ends meet who finds a job as a telemarketer at a company called Regalview. He is only paid a stingy commission of what he sells, but he is told that if he over-performs he will get promoted to be a “power caller”. Power callers earn big commissions by selling ultra-expensive products. “Use your white voice!”, Langston (Danny Glover) tells Cassius, which propels him to get promoted to become a Regalview power caller. As a power caller, Cassius gets to hang out with the top executives at Regalview and to understand who their real clients are. Worryfree is among their biggest clients and when Cassius meets Worryfree’s CEO Steve Lift, the film takes off in surreal ways that shall not be spoiled.

The film’s vibrant colors and bold style is gripping, and the acting ensemble is strong. But, it is Riley’s ambitious ideas and relevant statements that make Sorry To Bother You a movie you can’t miss. It is a cult classic in the making.

Rating: 3.75/5
Release date: July 6th, 2018

Watch the trailer below:

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